Team Building Days

Outdoor Management Development (OMD) and outdoor team building has long been used as a way to facilitate accelerated change and develop effective leadership and team-working skills. Using the power of the great outdoors, we will put together a programme based on your individual needs that will stretch and develop your team’s leadership and interpersonal skills. This is a powerful and effective way to facilitate fast and long-lasting change. Real experiences, real consequences and real meaning: all transferable and very applicable to the business environment.

Fairplay Outdoor Education Centre are able to design and deliver a bespoke team building experience to meet your specific needs. We focus on identifying and building on team strengths, including working effectively together, communication and trust.

Team building events and staff days out are an extraordinary and effective way of building relationships and morale within the team in a tight time frame.


“The day was brilliant and all were engaged throughout.  My managers highlighted the high level of social distancing, which in turn led to a normal day feeling.  Big shout out to the team [Fairplay Outdoor Education Centre] for putting on such a good day.”

J Wood

Travel Assistance Service Lead, LBN