Zip Wire


The 100m zip wire is a popular activity that will safely challenge you to step off the tower and stretch your comfort zone. Located on the beautiful grounds of Fairplay House with amazing views of the whole centre.

Maximum group size: 15
Minimum age: 7

Core Values


Facing challenge, Facing fears, Prepare without adult support.

Team Work

Supporting and encouraging each other, Taking turns. Empathy and care for each other


Self-belief, Listening to and following instructions, Preparing own safety equipment.

National Curriculum Links:

Physical Education

Take part in outdoor and adventurous activity challenges. Compare their performance with previous ones and demonstrate improvement. Evaluate and recognise own success. Develop practical skills in order to participate, compete and lead a healthy lifestyle.


Forces – explain force of gravity Identify the effect of air resistance. Recognise that some mechanisms, including levers, pulleys and gears, allow smaller force to have a greater effect.

Science Core Concepts applied 

Work scientifically. Understand movement and force.

We help children to:

  • Learn from mistakes, bounce back and try again
  • Try new things with a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Believe that the harder they work, the better they will get at the things that they do
  • Never give up!
  • Love learning!
  • Concentrate
  • Keep on trying when challenges occur
  • Think their way through problems
  • Ask questions and think about our world
  • Make links and notice patterns in their experiences


Gravity, force, air resistance, speed, velocity, friction, movement, karabiner, harness,  helmet, maillon, bridge, trolley, safety, lowering.

Activity Passport Links:

You can complete 3 achievements with this activity.

Climb something taller than you

Learn something about your local area

Watch a sunset

National Trust Links:

Go cloud watching