High Ropes


Our incredible High Ropes Course is located in a quiet corner of the orchard overlooking the Essex countryside. Twelve different elements of varying heights and standards challenge all levels of confidence and abilities. This course is designed to help face fears and overcome challenges, that don’t always seem possible.

Maximum group size: 15
Minimum age: 7

Core Values


Taking on a challenge, Facing fears, Kit up without an adult doing it for you.

Team Work

Support and encourage each other, Guide and advise each other, Take responsibility for eachother (belaying).


Self-belief, Listening to and following instructions, Put on own safety equipment.

National Curriculum Links:

Physical Education

Take part in outdoor and adventurous activities within a team. Physically active for sustained periods of time. Develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance.
Compare their performances with previous ones and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best.


Identify the effects of air resistance, friction and the act between moving surfaces.


Compass direction and build knowledge of location in United Kingdom.


Geometry – recognise angles, where they meet at a point, are on a straight line, or are vertical.  Mathematical vocabulary used throughout the session and applied into context.

We help children to:

  • Learn from mistakes, bounce back and try again
  • Try new things with a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Believe that the harder they work, the better they will get at the things that they do
  • Never give up!
  • Love learning!
  • Concentrate
  • Keep on trying when challenges occur
  • Think their way through problems
  • Ask questions and think about our world
  • Make links and notice patterns in their experiences


Karabiner, harness, helmet, c-shape, safety, lowering off, belaying, grigri, figure of 8, knots, friction, velocity, location, compass direction.

Activity Passport Links:

You can complete 3 achievements with this activity.

Climb something taller than you

Learn something about your local area

Watch a sunset

National Trust Links:

Go cloud watching