Cultural Gothic Art (Church Visit)


Exploring patterns: Create clay tiles and printed patterned tiles inspired by a visit to the local Church of St Bartholomew. In small teams, students will discover and locate three or four different patterns in the church, at least two of these will be tiled based. Students will then create their own collection of sketches which will be used as inspiration to form their own patterns. On return to Fairplay House, these patterns will be created into prints and used to create their own tiled pattern.

Core Values


Engaging with an unfamiliar cultural environment, Creating something new, Building upon strong foundations.

Team Work

Recording and sharing information, Listening and presenting ideas, Problem-solving and coordinating


Independent exploration, Mindfully accepting different perspectives

National Curriculum Links:


Know and understand the history of Britain as a coherent, chronological narrative, from the earliest times to the present day; how people’s lives have shaped this nation and how Britain has influenced, and been influenced by, the wider world. Using the historical setting, exploring through observation the earliest beginnings through to modern-day church. Discussions on the links of patterns in the natural world and use of patterns in the church. Famous Architects and Artists involved with well-known churches
will be used as inspiration in the creative journey.


Produce creative work, exploring ideas and recording experiences using the opportunity to learn different pattern making techniques using experimentation with the materials and awareness from the artistic patterns observed in the church. They will use different methods to improve their primary observational skills using pencil, paint, chalk, charcoal on site. The session will bring together all of their observations and drawings into one sketchbook.

We help children to:

  • Learn from mistakes, bounce back and try again
  • Try new things with a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Believe that the harder they work, the better they will get at the things that they do
  • Never give up!
  • Love learning!
  • Concentrate
  • Keep on trying when challenges occur
  • Think their way through problems
  • Ask questions and think about our world
  • Make links and notice patterns in their experiences


Tower, spire, aisle, font, porch, lectern, vestry, alter, choir, pulpit, organ, pews, nave, chancel, composition, style, shape, space, line, form, pattern, texture, symmetry, symbol.

Activity Passport Links:

You can complete 5 achievments with this activity.

Visit a place of worship

Create a piece of art for an exhibition

Creata a mosaic

Create a display

Design a product

National Trust Links:

Go on a scavenger 'art' hunt

Hunt for history

Listening to the sounds of calm or quiet