Art In Nature


Making an artwork from nature involving and utilising various elements of nature (such as leaves, sticks, stones, bones, water etc) in a creative way. The resulting artwork makes a statement about nature and humanity’s relationship to nature, discussing various examples in history created from natural materials by man that are still visible today on the landscape. Children will produce a ‘stick art’ activity to take home.

Core Values


Creating art, Developing empathy, Recognising art.

Team Work

Working in small groups, Learning the core fundamentals of working together.


Independence through voicing ideas within the group.

National Curriculum Links:


On the spot poems about the artwork.


Learning about symmetry in nature and why it is there.


Studying the different earth and textures sound in the garden relating to the prevalent soils in Essex.

PSHE & Citizenship 

Experiencing the positive effects of creating outdoor artworks.  Looking at the artist Andy Goldsworthy as a starting point for developing ideas for community/school art projects involving nature.

Art & Design 

Creating artworks using natural materials.

Phsyical Ed

Connecting with the outdoor environment, becoming accustomed to the outdoors in all weathers.


Learning through use of examples how the human race has used nature as a base for artworks throughout history.

We help children to:

  • Learn from mistakes, bounce back and try again
  • Try new things with a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Believe that the harder they work, the better they will get at the things that they do
  • Never give up!
  • Love learning!
  • Concentrate
  • Keep on trying when challenges occur
  • Think their way through problems
  • Ask questions and think about our world
  • Make links and notice patterns in their experiences


Weaving, Twigs, Sticks, Leaf, Petals, colours, contrast, yarn, wool, stone, bone, composition, pattern, texture, symmetry

Activity Passport Links:

You can complete 4 achievments with this activity.

Become a nature detective

Make Leaf rubbings

Search for butterflies

Create a poem or story

National Trust Links:

Create some wild art

Get to know a tree

Have fun with sticks

Make a mud creation

Go on a scavenger hunt

Go cloud watching