GCSE Art Residential Weekend

Aims of the Course:

The GCSE course aims are to allow students the opportunity to work with and experience the methods used by practising artists and illustrators and to raise attainment across a range of student ability.
By specifically giving students:

  • An opportunity to work outside the school environment
  • To develop a personalised approach to their work.
  • To develop and enhance confidence in the decision making process.
  • To meet and work alongside visiting artists.
  • To provide an opportunity to work with materials and use different techniques.
  • To generate a substantial amount of work to add to the students coursework.
  • To be able to develop ideas imaginatively, inspired by the environment and the contexts

generated over a sustained period of time.

This course aims to inspire a passion for the subject in students allowing them to return to school with a renewed enthusiasm, understanding and motivation towards their GCSE work. Students will be challenged and stimulated through engaging workshops in beautiful surroundings.


Students will have the opportunity to work with the following materials:

  • Water Colours
  • Chalk and Oil Pastels
  • Chalk and Charcoal
  • Sketch Pencils
  • Graphite
  • Collage Mixed Media
  • Paints

Students will gain an understanding of several disciplines and processes, using different media and materials. The opportunity to engage in the subject over an extended period of time will both enhance and increase the skills of individual students. The course will develop their practical work and subject knowledge through Drawing, Painting Mixed Media and Conceptual Art practices.

Visiting local Artists and illustrators will mentor and discuss their own work with students during a workshop/presentation over the weekend. The Students will use both contemporary and traditional methods to explore and create art works. A range of Critical studies and contextual examples will be used to guide students in their project over the weekend.

EXAMPLE Programme

Arrival at 5.30pmCheck-into rooms, introduction to course content and dinner.
Night Walk - Collect materials and take pictures.
Set up group still life in the Classroom. Work areas set up and prepared.
8.30pmFree time
9.30amMorning briefing and examples shown
10amTask: Four half hour pictures in the garden using two different materials. Or in the house / still life in the classroom
1.30pmReview of mornings work.
1.45pmGroup introduction to the afternoon’s task.
2pmGroups 1 and 2 travel to the beach or woods
Task: quick sketches and picture in chosen materials
7pmWorkshops with visiting artists
9pmFree time
8amBags packed ready for departure
9.30amGroups 1 and 2 work with one chosen material in the garden to produce a finished piece, also use sketchbooks.
1.30pmSet up of presentation of work. Individuals talk to the group about their work and the weekend experience.
3.30pmPresentation of work