Day Visits to Fairplay Outdoor Education Centre

Our instructors will work with small groups (no more than 12) of students on a bespoke programme.  Students will participate in three to four activities per day.  

Possible activities include: The High Ropes— Low Ropes—Zip Wire— Mountain Biking/ Learn to Ride— Archery—Canoeing—Problem-Solving—Orienteering. 

Cost: £45 per student per day (minimum of 10 students and up to 19 students). 


“We have managed to work with Resources for Autism over the summer holidays and we have been involved in some amazing work with Newham families coming out for the day to Fairplay with children who have additional needs. I have to say having been at Fairplay for the past 19 years, the work we have done over the summer has been some of the most needed and most rewarding work I have been involved in since my time working for the Borough. The time spent with the families in particular, was amazing, watching the parents as their children achieved things that they thought they would never be able to do was special, along with taking them on the river and seeing them canoe as a family enjoying a well-deserved break from the normal day to day which will be challenging, let alone having to have endured the lockdown period. Well done to the Newham SEN team to make this happen.”

Scott Mabbutt

Senior Instructor at Fairplay Outdoor Education Centre

“Just to say thank you so much, we had an amazing day today with Pete. We did the high zip line, low ropes, a bit of high ropes, archery and canoeing. Pete was a brilliant guide and it was a really uplifting day, and for J in particular it was massive. It gave him the opportunity to show us and himself how he can get over his fear and take part in really exciting activities. 

We are very much hoping we can come back one day!”

The Wood Family

“Just would like to thank everyone that made our family day out to Fairplay House special from the moment we arrived to when we left. 

Thank you for involving everyone in the activities and not excluding the children from taking part and especially for encouraging the boys and allowing them time to make choices and having a good understanding of special needs/ disabilities. 

For once we could let the children just explore in a safe outdoor environment where we were not judged on our parenting skills when the children decided on having a melt down due to their needs. 

Thank you for a wonderful day.

The Irfan Family

“Great day kids had so much fun, kids accomplished things they were scared off.  Will recommend to all families.  We want to thank you all for an enjoyable day.

The Davey Family