Personal Enhancement

Mountain Biking

The PEPs (Personal Enhancement Programmes) are designed specifically for young people engaged in alternative or complementary education.
The programme choice is designed with the input of the group to meet their own aims and outcomes. The desired outcomes will then be dependent on the choices the group make.

Fairplay House believes the value of activity based work giving its stimulus to overall personal and group development opens a door to the young person to express themselves without the restrictions of formality. Equally the emphasis can be put on the importance of collective working and decision-making, self-awareness and a belief in individual and group abilities and potential. The paramount and most fundamental aspect in this process is the involvement of young people.

The Fairplay team have specialist knowledge and skills in the area of personal development and adventurous activities and recommends working with smaller groups to maximise the learning outcomes of the students.

Attached to each programme are a number of accredited outcomes.